Almost 30 million people are living in conditions of modern slavery today, the Global Slavery Index has revealed. The Index is the first of its kind as it measures the extent and risk of modern slavery country by country. SHARE to raise awareness that slaGreed is great! This advertisement from a big media store in Germany says it all. We want cheap products whatever the cost. Everything must be as cheap as possible. But how are such products produced and under which conditions? Can the workers feed their families and earn a living? Do they really work and live in conditions fit for human beings? Is this kind of exploitation a form of modern slavery?

According to the New York Times, a collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh in April 2013 caused more than 1100 death people most of them women. Although there were evidence that the building was unsafe the workers were urged to return to their jobs. The Bangladeshi factory produced products for Western Europe and US branches. There are also rumours of Child Labour in Bangladeshi garment factories.

But what is the result of such catastrophes? Do we really want change in this industry? Are we willing to pay more for products so that people so far away can live under better conditions? And what about companies and their profit margins? Can we be certain that the working conditions and salaries will be fit for human beings if we pay more for products?